Some people eat at halftime, some grab a new beer, hit the bathroom…not me. I head out into the woods and see what I can find.

This past Sunday I was down in Ridgefield at my friend Craig’s on Hickory Lane watching the NCAA Basketball games. At halftime of the Tennessee vs. Michigan State game I remembered Craig had mentioned finding a granite marker in the woods behind his house. And so it was off to the woods! as soon as the buzzer sounded.

I was not disappointed. The marker was there and it had a very interesting flaw…the person who carved the R’s must have been a local because he almost carved a B and not an R on the Ridgefield side of the marker. After all that is the Branchville side of town.

Boundary Marker for Redding & Ridgefield

On the Redding side the R is clearly an R.

Ridgefield Side of Boundary Marker

On the Ridgefield side it’s a lot closer to a B. See the photo below.

Close up Showing the B

These boundary markers are more common than you think in Redding and Ridgefield. Down at the corner of Mountain Road & Peaceable Street there is a boundary marker with a R, R, W. The boundary of Redding, Ridgefield and Wilton.

Off of Old Mill Road there is a very old boundary rock marked with N, R, F. The boundary of Norwalk (Wilton), Ridgefield (Redding) and Fairfield (Weston).

Georgetown's Boundary Rock

“Ye surveyors find that ye east and south boundary lines meet on a rock on ye banks of the Norwalk River, 20 rods north of ye Danbury Cart Path fording place. Ye bounds of Norwalk and Fairfield meet on said rock.”

Close-up of N

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