An award winning artist, Susan works out of her spacious West Redding, Connecticut studio, The Lobster Pot, so named by Mark Twain who owned the property at the turn of the century.

Susan has made art a lifelong commitment. To her, each portrait is an opportunity to express the unique spirit of each individual character. She believes a portrait is a cherished heirloom to be shared and enjoyed generation after generation.

Susan takes pride in being primarily self taught. She has painted since she was a small child and believes that both her unrelenting determination and intense studies of the Old Masters, particularly Valesquez and John Singer Sargent, have brought her the success she now enjoys.

Susan graduated from Greens Farms Academy, attended one year at the School of Fine Arts at Boston University, and received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont. Her work is displayed in private collections throughout the East and she has recently been featured on Three Cable Television Shows, appeared in Fairfield Country Times magazine, The Artist Magazine, MSNBC Connecticut News, The News Times, Signature magazine as well as the Portrait Artist in the Spring 2004 National Geographic article on Greenwich, Connecticut.

Susan specializes in traditional grand manner style portraiture. She has been commissioned to paint individual, civic, and corporate portraits. Among her corporate clients are U.S. Tobacco, the Cancer Research Institute, and Baylor University Medical Center.

Although her concentration is focused mainly on formal portraiture, Susan has also been successful in painting seascapes, landscapes, and still lifes.

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